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Level Infinite global brand development creation and naming case study Design Studio
Level Infinite

Creating a global brand for the next generation of gaming

Tencent Games is one of the world’s leading gaming platforms. We’ve partnered across several major projects (Riot games Korea, Europe, and Latin America) and helped establish some of the most iconic names in gaming – including the Tencent Games brand itself, completed in 2018.

For the last two years we’ve been working on a project like no other. Tencent Games is continuing its journey outside of China – and to do it, creating a whole new business image focused on finding the best, independent, creative talent around, and giving it the full backing of one of the biggest industry names. Together, we set out to reflect a business that would be a major player from day one, through a brand built completely from scratch.

It was a dream opportunity to continue our long-term relationship with Tencent Games on their most ambitious project to date; creating a new global brand for the next generation of gaming.

Alex Johns
Executive Creative Director, DesignStudio

Technology has reached a point where old barriers no longer exist between the virtual and physical. The rules of reality are being re-written, the lines are being blurred, and it’s at this threshold that this new brand is positioned.


At its core was a central idea about unlocking a previously unseen, unknown level – where the possibilities suddenly become endless. This idea led to a new name, which acts as a statement about what’s to come, and an invitation to developers and gamers alike, to see where it could lead.

‘Level Infinite’.


After developing the name, we built three core values: Universal, Open, Infinite. These serve not only as the basis for the brand, but also as a reflection of the kind of games this company’s setting out to create, and their intended impact on the world.

At the heart of everything is a unique mark – a monogram looping into an infinity symbol – that takes different configurations when interacting with content, to reflect worlds of endless possibility. A colour palette inspired by the layers of the atmosphere, enhancing a sense of hidden depth. And an extended typeface with a wide range of weights, adding to the feelings of expansiveness.


Beyond the core assets, the visual language extends to a multi-dimensional world created by shards – which themselves house and frame content. Giving viewers a glimpse inside endlessly growing and merging landscapes – where all studios, games and communities coexist.

DesignStudio played a crucial role in this collaborative project, from strategy through to creative execution. Demonstrating solid insight of the industry and with extensive engagement across the business, DS helped us determine the brand positioning for Level Infinite and a brand concept universally regarded as representing our vision.

Jie Jiang
Director of Publishing Support, Tencent Games Global

We can’t wait to see the new name, mark, and brand, alongside a new generation of games, that look set to redefine what the medium can be – Universal. Open. Infinite.

Gaming on a whole new level.