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The Betterfly Effect: Creating an impact-first brand Design Studio

The Betterfly Effect: Creating an impact-first brand

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  • 12/03/2023

We’re excited by every project we choose to take on but every so often a brief will land in our inbox from a brand that we know is going to change the world for the better. 

Betterfly is one such brand. Launched in Latin America in 2018, they could be described simply as a digital insurance and benefits platform. They give organisations a series of flexible employee benefits to reward positive actions. These include personal benefits such as telemedicine, language courses or discounts and global impact like planting trees, providing clean drinking water or food for children in need. However, their ambitions have always extended far beyond just insurance and benefits. 

From the very beginning Betterfly made a commitment to create an impact-first company. They structured themselves in a way that would put social purpose at the centre of everything they did with a “triple bottom line” business model – People, Planet and Profit. Now a certified B Corp, they proved the value of this approach and in 2022 became Latin America’s first social impact unicorn, with a valuation of over $1bn. Last week, they took their commitment to impact led business one step further. From the New York Stock Exchange, they announced the Betterfly Legacy - a Social Impact Stock which will allow the non-profits they work with to become shareholders of Betterfly.

Betterfly Founder and CEO, Eduardo della Maggiora, announcing the Legacy Charitable Equity Plan at the New York Stock Exchange

The Social Impact Stock, or Betterfly’s Legacy Charitable Equity Plan, is a direct interpretation of the brand idea around which we positioned Betterfly - to Power the Good. It is giving people the tools to transform innate goodness into action, and that action to collective, positive impact for the world. With a commitment to drive momentum for positive change for businesses, individuals and the world, we built the Betterfly brand on action; honoring the grit and determination of hard work, inspiring movement, building authentic connections and giving non-stop effort.

The brand’s visual and verbal identity brings to life “Power the Good”, evolving the language of insurance to symbolize Betterfly’s difference. At the heart of the system is a graphic device we call ‘The Energy’ – a representation of the driving forces behind every good action and its impact. It’s a neon magic glow that shows the power of each small step. The bold, custom logotype is complemented by lowercase e’s to introduce a handwritten, human touch. The seal - made of a B and F in the shape of a butterfly - reflects digital currency and symbolises what Betterfly is able to achieve–a positive feedback loop of action, purpose and impact. Meanwhile, the brand voice both honors the action of hard work and celebrates the positive changes. 

With their new brand, Betterfly is ready to power the good in millions more people around the world. Their Legacy Charitable Equity Plan and Social Impact Stock Units - which they’re making publicly available so that any entrepreneur, company and organization who wishes to embed social impact in their shareholder structures can do so - is extending the “Betterfly Effect” and further aligning their growth with their profound commitment to give back to society and the planet. We’re so proud of the work we have done together and we’re excited to see the brand’s continued impact.